How do I become Conscious?

bodymind analysis Consciousness


It is a self-healing journey and it takes a strong faith and desire to change before the consciousness journey can begin. This holistic approach deals with the language of the body-mind communication. It is the language of the Soul communicating its experience of what it is like to be in a human body. It is communicated in the form of body chemistry through the word we speak and every feeling or thought we have is a voice trying to tell us something.

We need to listen to these messages of communication within our own body-mind to understand ourselves. By understanding who we are only then we can become a Conscious individual. If you desire strongly to be Conscious that makes you feel a whole person with a purposeful life, the route for you to take is to heal at the body-mind level. Body-mind healing can be achieved through Psychosomatic Therapy Process and Bioenergetics Therapy that helps you to bring back the harmony of your body, mind and soul.

The aim of Body Mind Therapy is to locate the source of discomfort or inadequate energy flow created by mental, emotional or physical experiences of the past. The harmony and integration of these three aspects allows your consciousness to surface and prepare you to embrace, strive, perform and create effectively in this ever changing and challenging world.

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