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It’s a blissful Friday morning full of blessings from the Almighty. As I was driving in the massive traffic towards Sg Besi early this morning, my thoughts were wandering all over and suddenly this busy mind chatters stopped when an old tree caught my attention (in Jalan Kuching) on the left side of the road. Such a beauty with strong solid trunk yet bending its branches and leaves stretching out towards the middle of the road providing shades to the cars passing by. The tree looks like it’s paying respect to something yet seems so powerful at the same time flowing with grace. There is nothing fancy or extraordinary about the tree. It’s just being and doing what a tree does. Wow! I was admiring the tree as if I was looking at an art master piece sitting in my car in the massive traffic and heavy rain.

In that moment, I reflected on me. Am I like this tree? Am I my own master piece by just being ME. The real me and the truth me. I then decided to write this short story of my entrepreneurial journey as a start-up once I arrive to my destination. I recalled how I started in January 2015. How much I was in the cross-road whether to continue be in employment or be an entrepreneur. I went through a deep self-assessment and self-reflection process. How long was the process? Well it never stops. It’s on-going until today. It’s a process I maintain for me to re-balance and re-tune whenever necessary. While going through that reflection & assessment process, there were many questions that arises in my thoughts accompanied by mixture of different feelings and emotions. I was constantly in a fight-flight mode and striving so hard to find balance and integration between my ego-mind and soul-heart. I challenged my belief system, counter my negative repetitive thoughts, managing my roller-coaster emotions, and striving to heal my pains. I knew that very hard and critical decisions need to be made if my choice is entrepreneurial, my willingness to rise above my fears and most importantly the readiness of my state of mind and body to support me in this unknown journey. I made my choice and I won’t look back.

All I need to do is to prepare myself to go to battle that I created. I cannot be using, thinking, and feeling the old ways when I was in employment. It worked when someone pays my salary but I knew it won’t deliver the result when I have to pay my own. The outcome will be disastrous! I knew I must re-invent myself. During this crucial period, I learned skills to use all intelligence (IQ, SEQ, PQ) given to me by my Creator. All the answers I need is in me and in my control. It is an on-going process and I believe it will never stop.

I continue to strive and thrive to the milestones that I have set. I created my Vision Board, laid the foundation and now time to leap. I am fulfilled and happy in my personal life with a supporting husband and children. I have overcome so many personal crises in relationships that I no longer have the need to mask. I don’t hide my vulnerability as it’s my strength. From vulnerability, I raised up like a phoenix from the ashes :). I have nothing to be ashamed of my weakness as it’s my potential. I am presenting myself to the world in my authentic form, the form that I had as a child.

I know that I have this innate powerful desire and skills to help others who are Seekers to find their authentic self whom they may have forgotten or lost in their conquest of the needs of the ego-mind. Optimising performance does not only come from the intelligence of the mind but the ability to use balance and integrate other human intelligence yet much left unexplored.

As I wrote this article, I have launched my services & programs officially in the market. My expertise is in helping people who wish to develop balance in their Intellectual Quotient (IQ) with Social Emotional Quotient (SEQ), and Spiritual Quotient (SQ) to achieve & optimise their professional & personal performance.

I set up Ida Hanim Asia EQ Solutions (www.idahanim.asia) that offer transformative programs with key focus in bringing people back to their original blueprint of their authentic self and accelerate optimum performance both at professional and personal level.

As I believe people need some way to help them balance & rejuvenate their body mind dis-comfort. As a certified master psychosomatic practitioner, I offer Psychosomatic & Bio-energetic Therapies to help people eliminate and prevent body-mind dis-comfort.

I drew tears, sweat & pain to get to this stage. Foundation is already built now it’s time to leap! My messages to those aspiring entrepreneurs:

  • 1. Dreams do come true. Have a clear vision of what inspires you, only then you have the emotions to push it through.

  • 2. Do what your heart believe guided by your intuition and drive it with your      cognitive & socio-emotional, and spiritual intelligence. Clarity doesn’t come instantly but it will arrive eventually when you think objectively and feel deeply, you will find your focus gets sharper and more define over time.

  • 3. Taking positive actions with determination & persevering it are keys in making your vision a reality. Be focus and stay away from distractions. This is very difficult to do as distractions are everywhere. Learn to come back to your body and ground yourself firmly.

  • 4. Build & gain personal mastery to heal from past pains, overcome fears & procrastination. Be compassionate to yourself, let go of the past and stop self-critic that’s not helping you.

  • 5. Continuously learning something new daily even though how small the learning is, it will still give a fruitful lesson. Ask and be inquisitive.

  • 6. Don’t get overthrown or overwhelmed by lack of financial support. Stay above it!

  • 7. Have a peaceful mind, be genuine & be present. You will attract and open doors to creativity.

  • 8. Negative thoughts don’t go away. What we can do is to deflect it & make friends with those thoughts. It’s not a show stopper if we learn to manage them.

  • 9. Take care of your physical health well. Listen to your body as it is communicating to you messages if it’s imbalance. Be aware of those messages & take action to correct it. You need your body in full coordination to help you move & act with ease!

  • 10. Be prepared to be alone as others may not understand what you are going through. They might even challenge and mock your credibility or capability. It’s all right! Again, it is part of the process. Embrace their challenge with an open heart and take it as an additional motivation to boost you.

  • 11. Build positive connection and surround yourself with heart-based people. They are one of your drivers that will applause and applaud you when you need the most.

  • Lastly but most importantly,

  • 12. Have faith and gratitude. Never stop praying to our Creator for his blessings. Praying is my Number 1 pillar of strength, which holds everything else together. He knows what’s best for us and we will get it at the right time and at the right place for the right purpose.

Just sharing my personal journey & experience in being an entrepreneur at the same time doing what I’m passionate about. Two different mindsets & skills but I have learned to integrate the two. Very challenging yet very rewarding.

Ida have established 25+years as a professional serving industries such as merchant banking, stockbroking, insurance, property development & HR Consulting.  In 2015, Ida successfully set up and was the Founding Project Director & Subject Matter Expert for the largest career transition & outplacement program in aviation industry.  Ida’s expertise is in leadership development, emotional intelligence (EQ), personality profiling, performance management system, succession planning and stakeholders’ relationships. Ida is a holistic body-mind practitioner where she helps people to develop Mindful Habits & EQ for personal & professional performance excellence. She is a Certified Master Psychosomatic Psychology Practitioner. Ida is a strategic & conceptual thinker, and a change agent. She builds end to end capabilities covering operational & people excellence. Ida is a self-starter, self-driven with a strong entrepreneurship spirit. Ida described herself an Influencer who is authentic & mindful. Ida set up Ida Hanim Asia EQ Solutions to fulfill her vision to guide leaders and professionals to become mindful & emotional intelligence leaders. These leaders lead with authenticity without compromising their well-being. IH Asia EQ Solutions (www.idahanim.asia) offers transformative programs to leaders & professionals who seek to develop mindfulness-based emotional intelligence for exceptional leadership in the 21st century


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