Mindfulness Alienate Psychosomatic Disorder in Executives and Improved Work Performance in VUCA times.


Executives who are suffering from psychosomatic imbalance sees a decline in their work performance, higher emotional outburst, and deterioration in physical health. The prolong psychosomatic disorder when left untreated could lead to chronic stress or depression. Executives who are engrossed in their own thoughts, past traumas, painful trapped memories with a feeling of lack of […]

Faridah Hanim

bodymind analysis

It’s a blissful Friday morning full of blessings from the Almighty. As I was driving in the massive traffic towards Sg Besi early this morning, my thoughts were wandering all over and suddenly this busy mind chatters stopped when an old tree caught my attention (in Jalan Kuching) on the left side of the road. Such a […]

Conscious individuals


Let Your self be Your Conscious Self & Reinstate Your Body Original Blue Print What are Conscious Individuals? Conscious individuals are people who lives consciously at physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level. These are self-lead individuals who heals, master, guide, creates their own destiny, and recognizes their purpose and the interdependence of others in their […]

Body Mind Health

bodymind analysis

The Body Mind Health Phases The body mind health is restored through 4 key phases Phase 1.          Re-Assess block and distortion energy from the body Phase 2.          Re-Lease block, restraints and distorted energy from the body Phase 3.          Re-Balance energy flow into the body Phase 4.          Re-Imprint the correct energy information back to the body for […]

What is exactly Energy Healing?

bodymind analysis

Energy healing modalities stem from ancient Eastern and Native traditions and include Reiki, Pranic healing, therapeutic touch, shamanic healing and healing touch, among others. The therapies work on a person’s energy field, where the practitioner directs life force energy (called chi, ki or prana in Eastern traditions) placing their hands gently on or just above […]

Practice being present


Each day we are given, is an opportunity to learn to live to capacity. A peaceful mind comes from letting ourselves know that everything, I mean everything, will be all right in our lives. The priorities in our lives should always be self-healing, self-balance, self-lower and self-power, first allow yourself to see beauty in the […]

Crystals for Change and Moving Forward


Change is motivated by the movement of the earth around the sun, there is no getting around this. So, as the world changes and the seasons pass, so must our lives in tandem with it. Change is inevitable. Our lives are made up of the building blocks of change. This can be traumatic or it […]