Magnetize Your Clients.

Stop Selling, Start Solving, Build Trust!

 Core Purpose

Magnetize Your Clients is designed to educate, create awareness, and impart applied skills that would make selling more at ease. Sales Professionals current selling practise is more monotonous and process-based rather than tailoring to individual needs. The selling process mostly involves in briefing the features of the products or services and HOPE that the prospective client will be interested to purchase. The sales closure is left to “HOPE SELLING”, which can leave the Sales Personnel in anticipation and stuck in the closing process.  The sales professional can be seen to be in a re-active position, and act only when there is a need to “respond” as and when required.

Program Objectives

  • Sales Professionals will be train to transform themselves from a sales person to be a pro-active “TRUSTED ADVISOR” using Education Based-Selling (EBS).

  • Participants will learn how to use EBS as an effective dynamic sales process that offers VALUE and PRODUCT POSITIONING to their ideal clients. Closing a sale is much at ease once the Sales Professionals can secure their place in the heart of their prospects.

  • Positioning sales professional as a trustworthy advisor to help clients solve on top of their mind problem. So rather than pushing for sale, as a TRUSTED ADVISER, the sales professional get to skip the selling part. This makes SELLING more a SERVICE!

  • Participants will be train to understand their ideal’s client’s personality and body language using psychosomatic psychology skill. With this skill, Sales Professionals will be able to have a deeper understanding of how a client think, feel and act.

  • With this knowledge, the sales personnel can adjust their own sales messages and have an upper hand in the sales process for higher sales closure.

  • Psychosomatic Psychology is a field that analyse human body form and shape. How the body was formed and shape is based on how the person live his or her life from the conditioning of mental, emotional, and physical. These 3 levels have very strong influence in their attitude, behaviours and decision making.

Program Outcomes

  • Able to create your own Education-Based Selling” communication that provides VALUE and POSITIONI OFFERING to your prospects and positioning you as the “TRUSTED ADVISOR”.

  • Able to assess the PERSONALITY PROFILE of your potential clients within the first 5 minutes of meeting with Psychosomatic Psychology. This is an excellent skill “To Understand Your Client the Way They Like to be Understood”.

  • Have a clarity of your own Personality Profile and Character.

  • Have a good understanding of “Self” towards Self-Improvement and Self-Development, that involves removing limitations, changing identity that you don’t want, and re-invent yourself.

  • Ability to use right brain (creativity) and left brain (logical) to enhance positive outcome.

  • Be aware of your BODY LANGUAGE and can correct your stand point, gaze and body posture that send positive energy to your prospects.

  • Able to recognise the corresponding body language from the clients which indicate their signals of “unspoken words”.



Day 1

Module 1

• Education Based Selling Part 1
• Education Based Selling Part 2

Module 2

• Understanding Personality from Face Analysis

Day 2

Module 3

• Understand Character – Body Mind Analysis Part 1
• Understand Character – Body Mind Analysis Part 2
• Understand Character – Body Mind Analysis Part 3

Module 4

• Body Language for Sales


Who  is this for?

• Sales Leaders
• Sales Professionals
• Business Development Professionals
• Customer Service Professionals
• Relationship Managers

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