Mastering EQ Leadership in VUCA Times – Psychosomatic Psychology, Mindfulness & Neuroscience Approach


  • The core purpose of this Program is to open the minds of leadership team to broader perspectives and new ways of thinking.

  • Unlike traditional management and leadership teaching tactics, Mastering EQ Exceptional Leadership – Mindfulness & Psychosomatic Psychology Program will focus on long-term lifestyle skillsderived from the practice of mindfulness. Emotional intelligence and deep awareness of the connection of body & mind.

  • Leaders will gain sustainable tools for stress reduction, communication, purposeful action, and energy management to lead happier, healthier, and more balanced lives both in and out of the office.



  • Understand the fundamentals of mindfulness

  • Open an awareness of mindfulness as a path of work and life

  • Unlock emotional intelligence traits

  • Translate mindfulness into core leadership values

  • Connect mind-body and overall health with Psychosomatic Analysis

  • Find deeper purpose and meaning in one’s work

  • Acquire greater presence in both the moment & in one’s character

  • Increase mental clarity to make better decisions

  • See things as they are by reducing the noise of one’s busy mind

  • Gain an easy-to-implement skill set to balance energy and overall happiness



  • Practise mindful listening

  • Be aware of your emotions, beliefs, and purpose

  • Increase focus and ability to concentrate

  • Validate needs and objectives (before moving forward)

  • Pause when you need …a break or triggered

  • More effective problem solving

  • Improved communication across department and staff

  • Greater capacity to lead and prioritise

  • Significant stress reduction

  • And a more healthy, sustainable way to work



Day 1

  • Module 1: Psychosomatic Analysis for Self-Empowerment and Personal Mastery

  • Module 2: Mindful Leadership in the Workplace

Day 2

  • Module 3: Re-program Habits, Thoughts & Emotions with Neuroplasticity

  • Module 4: Emotional Intelligence Leaders


Who should attend this program?

  • Business leaders who have multiple and competing objectives.

  • Senior Leaders who support teams and/or want to be more effective when they work with their internal and external audiences.

  • Fast track Managers who aim to accelerate their leadership skills and optimise their performance.



  • Interactive discussions

  • Practical experience and demonstrations

  • Practical quick-reference takeaways

  • Video Presentations


How does this program help?

  • Guide leaders to get back to baseline, to return to a state of equilibrium, to a state of openness.

  • Guide leaders to be able to maintain that openness and that equilibrium throughout stressful situations

  • Develop the habit of reflection – going back to the connection to “who you are” and to “why you’re here”. The more leaders are able to reflect, the more they’re able to make effective decision under pressure -volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA).

  • Learn to set up an organization as learning and growing environments. This is the ground for neuroplasticity where mistakes are acceptable and where looking foolish is viewed as a step toward progress.

  • Learn to develop emotional intelligence towards self and others.



HBF Wellness Scan & Report is included in this program.