Have you ever wanted to?

  • Discover your Purpose

  • Communicate your intent Affluently

  • Manage your Stress

  • Harness your Creativity

  • Improve your Resilience

  • Find Harmony in your Life

  • Accelerate your Success


If your answer is YES to all the above, you have come to the right place.



What exactly, is self-mastery? It’s the process of passing the tests and claiming the wisdom you’ve gained in the classroom of your own life experiences—healing old pain and resentment, breaking out of former fears and limitations, and honing your intuition and talents to live your best life, day by day. It’s connecting with your soul and your Creator in a new way, and stepping up to the happy life purpose that your heart has been wishing for.

Whether you want to become more influential and make a massive difference in the world, or you’d just like to improve your personal relationships, you’ve come to the right place.

We know that many of you are asking the bigger questions and want to know how to find the answers.  That’s why in our “Seek the Gem Inside You Self Mastery Program” you’ll learn how to do exactly that. We can find the answers to our deepest questions from deep within ourselves.



The Purpose of the Self-Mastery process is to realise harmony and freedom within your-self.  The process provides a gentle systematic approach to erase self-destructive and disruptive recycling patterns to achieve peace and new meaning in your life.  You learn how to erase memories which in the past have been replaying as problems, making relationships, career choices, your purpose path and quality of life, difficult. Difficulties and Misunderstandings arise from thoughts that are contaminated by painful memories of the past. These emotions that are connected to memories that affect us now, manifest imbalance and disease.


Everything You Need to Reach Your True Potential

The program gives you simple but dynamic techniques that you can use to improve your life daily.

Our expertise is in guiding you to tap into YOUR infinite wisdom, and make positive change in any area of your life …relationships, business, career, health, wealth. We are ready to empower you with this knowledge!


This program is perfect fit for:

  • Entrepreneurs who seek to strengthen their emotional & mental strength and build resilience in challenging times.

  • Professionals who want to optimise their work performance and manage their stress level to avoid burn-out.

  • Fresh Graduates who want to find the right career that matches with their authentic self and able to accelerate their career path.

  • Coaches and Healers who are looking for to deepen and taken their own path of Self-Mastery to the next level and in turn, elevate their service in the World.

  • Spiritually oriented individuals who are seeking a lifestyle upgrade which compliments their existing practise.

  • Transformative individuals who sees themselves as a change agent on this planet and is eager to elevate humanity by becoming a fine-tuned human being.

  • Burnt-out individuals who is tired of ‘working on themselves’ and is ready to start ‘loving themselves’ as their path of Self-Mastery and personal growth.




You will discover how to:

  • Simply take a breath in the midst of all of life’s busyness

  • Bring harmony, purpose, and new meaning to your life

  • Deepen your awareness of your ‘way of being’

  • Release unnecessary memories replaying from the past so that you can live your life from inspiration

  • Decode and clear trauma memories

  • Release painful links to your past

  • Heal hurts locked in your cellular and/or ancestral memory

  • Explore your emotional causes that contribute to you not completely having the relationship or career you dream of?

  • Eliminate what’s holding you back. Learn how to change!

  • Harness the power of your mind and really prosper

  • Develop your innate intuition for healing for yourself

  • Connect to and understand your body and erase negative patterns, make permanent change.


To improve your life – Heal Your Life

The program gives you the skill to erase the memories that affect your health, contribute to your life choice limitations, give energy to habit and compulsive behaviour patterns and in return for these life changes gain the ability to heal your life.


Don’t allow negative emotions to sabotage your happiness and joy in life

Work with behavioural change certified psychosomatic psychology master leader, Ida Hanim to transform and enrich your life.

  • Find peace, joy, happiness, freedom

  • Improve relationships

  • Experience better health

  • Replenish your mind, body, and spirit

  • Further develop your intelligences to achieve more


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